Humanely Raised Rose Veal

We raise a few veal calves each year.  They are raised on pasture with their mothers and never fed grains, hormones or chemicals of any kind.


Grass Fed Beef

We raise Rotokawa Devons 100% on grass.  They are never fed grains, hormones or chemicals of any kind.

Grass Fed Dairy

We raise Jersey cows on pasture.  Our cows are never given hormones or chemicals of any kind.  We produce cheese, yogurt and butter.


We raise heritage breed pigs that are pasture raised and eat organic grains.​​  We are a farrow to finish operation using humane practices.

Chicken & Eggs

Our Laying hens are Rhode Island Reds & Barred Rocks.  Our Broilers are Freedom Rangers & Cornish Giants.  They are raised on pasture following the cows in rotational grazing and eat organic grains.