What to expect when purchasing a live hog for custom butchering

Our pastured hogs are sold as live animals. The price is $4.75 a pound which is based on the dressed weight of the carcass. Ironstone Creamery & Farm has been pleased with the results of bringing market hogs to butcher at a hanging weight that ranges between 200 lbs to 230 lbs.  

Making cuts out of a carcass:

This is where it starts to get tricky to predict just how much meat the carcass will yield because that depends largely on how you order the meat cut. Bone-in or boneless? Opting for boneless cuts will reduce your total pounds of meat returned. For bone-in pork, expect no more than 75-80% of the carcass weight back as meat. For boneless, 65-70%.

Carcass weight= 200 lbs
Bone-in pork= 150 lbs-140 lbs

Aging and further processing (optional)

Ordering bacon? Cured hams? Smoked sausages? Applying a heat process to meat cuts will also reduce the total yield of meat returned from an animal. Different products have different yields. 

But will it fit in my freezer?
That's the most common question I get. As a general rule of thumb you should plan for 35lbs meat per cubic foot of freezer space. A standard kitchen fridge/freezer combo is around 7 cubic feet of freezer space - meaning that if it were totally empty (yeah right) then you could fit 245lbs of meat in there (more than a whole share). If you're like most people and don't have much space in the freezer, what you want to do is invest in a deep freezer. They unlock this world of potential for you to have years of savings through bulk meat purchasing.

The best part

When purchasing a pastured hog you have chosen to participate in a sustainable and responsible manner with regard to animal welfare, the environment and your personal nutrition.

To Reserve a custom hog please send a deposit to


3500 Coventryville Rd

Pottstown, PA 19465

Or pay now

Half Hog deposit $100 

Whole Hog deposit $200. 

After submitting your deposit 

Please fill out the Custom Hog Cutting Instructions and email to Kim@ironstonecreamery.com

Whole & Half Hog Orders