Summer Pick up & Drop Off Locations

Saturday & Sunday 11-4

Farm Location

3500 Coventryville Road

Pottstown PA 19465

Saturday 9-1

Lansdale Farmers' Market

400 Penn St

Lansdale PA

Saturday 9:30-1:30 

Swarthmore Farmers' Market

121 Park Ave

Swarthmore PA

Sunday 10-2

Emmaus Farmers' Market

235 Main St

Emmaus PA

Sunday 11-2 

Coopersburg Farmers' Market

5 N Main St

Coopersburg PA

More Pick up Locations  TBA

Summer Share  June - November


Ironstone Creamery & Farm is proud to announce our Meat CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares.  The new CSA model is designed to be both convenient for the shareholder and the farmer.  Shareholders have a variety of options to choose from that are based on a monthly pick up or drop off for a six month period.

By participating in our CSA program you are:

   * Supporting sustainable and humane animal husbandry practices

   * Reducing your food miles

   * Building a community

   * Knowing your farmer

   * Expanding your taste buds

     As always, our animals are pastured raised with absolutely

No hormones, antibiotics or GMOs.  Review the different share options and select what best suits your needs.

Pork Shares

     This share option allows people to participate in the sustainable practice of utilizing the whole animal, from head to tail over a period of 6 months without having to purchase an extra freezer.  The medium size share represents what you can expect when purchasing a quarter pig, and the large size represents a half pig.  

     The specific cuts of meat that you will receive will vary from month to month.  We make sure that the variety of cuts that you receive represents the yield of a whole animal in proportion.  We keep track of what cuts we have previously provided to each member to ensure everyone gets an interesting and fair rotation of cuts.  For example, unfortunately the whole pig is not bacon.  Bacon represents about 10% of the yield.  Your share will consist of roughly 10% bacon, so on and so forth.

    We do not use nitrates in any of our meat products.  This is often sold in stores as "uncured".  However they are traditionally cured in the sense of salted and smoked.

    CSA Pork Cuts

Chops rib, center, sirloin

Ribs  spare and country style

Shoulder Roast

Cured Ham Steaks

Cured Ham Hocks

Sausage  Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Country, Breakfast Links

Ground Pork


If you have specific requests such as no spicy sausage or no sugar please list that at sign up or email us

Medium 5 pounds per month $255.00

Large 10 pounds per month  $495.00

Chicken Share

This share option includes pasture raised whole chicken averaging 4 to 5 pounds.  Most deliveries will be fresh chicken

Small           1 bird per month    $135

Medium       2 birds per month  $265

Large           3 birds per month  $389

X-tra Large  4 birds per month  $513

Milk Share Limited Supply

Fresh gallon of milk from our grass fed Jersey cows.  Weekly or Bi-weekly pick up options for 6 months

Weekly      31 weeks   $248

Bi-weekly 15 weeks    $120​​