Half Beef Deposit $500

Quarter Beef Deposit $300

Quarter & Half Beef Order

100% Grass Fed Beef $5.50/pound

Half and quarter beef are priced according to hanging weight. Actual finished product totals approximately 50-60% of hanging weight. Hanging weights vary, but an average half may be between 250-300 pounds while an average quarter may be between 125-150 pounds. Price includes all processing fees. Requires approximately 5 cubic feet of freezer space for a quarter and 10 cubic feet of freezer space for a half.

Because quarters are mixed between the front and back, they need to be cut the same and thus you will receive the standard assortment of cuts for your quarter. Half beef customers will receive an assortment of the standard beef cuts listed above, unless you indicate otherwise.  If you do not want the standard assortment, we will provide you with a cut sheet to have your half cut to your specifications. If you would like to contact the butcher directly, please let us know and we can provide appropriate contact information for the butcher your half is scheduled with.​


ROASTS: sirloin tip, round, chuck

STEAKS: filet mignon, delmonico, ny strip, sirloin, flank

PLUS: ground beef, london broil, short ribs, chip steak, brisket, and shanks

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