A diversified, sustainable farm at The Glasbern Inn

Ironstone Creamery & Farm is a diversified farm at the Glasbern Inn in Lehigh County, PA.  Joe and Kim Albano produce pasture raised poultry and eggs, pastured whey-fed pork, dairy products and vegetables.  They are a micro-dairy producing raw milk, yogurts, butter, and cheese from their grass fed Jersey cows.  They are committed to land stewardship based on sustainable agriculture and the distribution of high quality food.  They produce wholesome food to reflect their commitment to protecting and improving the health of the earth and its inhabitants.  Through education and cultural relationships, they strive to raise the social and ecological awareness of individuals regarding the production of organic food.

"Not All Who Wander Are Lost."

We are an Open Door Farm

Come visit and wander

Visitors are always welcome

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